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A country in South Central Asia, Afghanistan is an Islamic country and holds a prominent place in the history of time. It is a country characterised both with mountains and plains, thus blessed with ample scenic beauty.

Tribal people are the most concentrated in this area, although Afghanistan entertains more than one language and culture in it, maintaining its typical tradition however. The country has faced considerable changes to it with the course of time, however retaining to its exclusivity and tranquillity. Cities of Balkh, Ghazni, Kandahar and a few more in this list are cities worth a visit and are quite in the buzz. A river valley of this country holds the Minaret of Jam on to itself which is globally acknowledged for its wonder. Besides, the Kandahar City gains fame for preserving the exclusive cloak of Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam. Tourists gather in bulk to visit this place. Arts of Music and Poetry are quite prevalent over here.

Afghanistan entertains itself with thorough sports activities like Cricket and Football along with their typicality, namely Buzkashi which is of much interest there, the game being an Afghani exclusivity.

Although a country open to wars and battles, Afghanistan is a beautiful place with cherishable features.

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