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A country in South America, using Spanish as its official languages, Argentine is recorded to be the eighth-largest in the globe. A country believed to possess silver mountains in it, grounds a civilisation as old as human of Palaeolithic Age, on account of which it has gained immense historical significance throughout. It is a country of temperate climate, favouring the existence of an amalgamation of interesting flora and fauna all over.

Argentina is blessed with prominent natural assets and cultural prominence which make it a good choice to visit for the explorers and visitors from all over. There are several must-visit spots in the region. Buenos Aires which is the capital city is splendid in itself. A ski centre called Bariloche is always on the buzz. Besides, there are a number of national parks like Los Glacieres and Los Alarces which entertain outsiders and natives alike. The Iguazu National Park however is the most acknowledged because of its beautiful forests and waterfalls. The Tilcara, Inca, Iruya and also the sites in Hamahuaca are amongst the major attractions of Argentina.

For the ones who cherish natural beauty and environmental serenity, Argentina would be a wise choice for them as it is capable of providing the both.

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