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Covering about half of the southern America is the Brazilian kingdom, a country of rainforests and the huge Amazon River. Brazil is high in natural resources and has high agricultural productivity. The country is a home to a wide biodiversity of fauna and flora. The Atlantic Ocean borders the country which enhances the natural beauty. The country however is embellished with an amalgamation of plains and plateaus studded with waterfalls.

Exclusivities of Brazil include the happening town of Favela which exhibits full-on entertainment for the people of and out of Brazil and the famous Brazilian Carnivals which are characterised by dance and music at their best. One can have a gala time watching and being a part of the Samba which is a native dance and for this one has to visit the country towards the end of winters when these celebrations take place.

The cuisine of Brazil exhibits something called the Bahian cooking which is again a speciality here. With a perfect blend of spices, the dishes are lip-smacking and delicious, treating the food explorers at a height. Sports include many, amongst which, soccer is the most desired. The typical kind of a train colloquially called the Corvorado is a wonder striking feature here as it gives a unique view of Rio from itself.

The combination of natural blessings as well as the human efforts rightly makes Brazil a visit-worthy place.

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