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Forming a part of Southeastern Europe, Bulgaria is a country of ancient history and antiquities. It is a country of mountains, peninsula, valleys, forests and rivers, its coastline enhancing the natural beauty of the place. The Rhodope Mountains, the Balkan Mountains, the Thracian Plains, and the Danubian Plains are some of the splendid features of the country, the Black Seacoast adding on to it. The fauna and flora of Bulgaria is maintained in the national parks and biosphere reserves which are noteworthy spots there.

Bulgaria however exhibits an enriched cultural sphere with its typical musical form and instruments which have gained acknowledgement. Byzantine Music is an important feature in this context. With a perfect blend of rites, rituals and customs, the country turns up to be alive and beautiful.

Nessebur is a city which is the most famous here along with sites like Boyana Church, Rila Monastery, and Sreburna Natural Reserve are places worth a visit. One can treat the eyes and ears with theatre shows and operas as there are plenty of sources all over the region. The Thracian Tomb of kazanlak is a place which is enriched with ancient art and architecture, much of interest amongst the history-lovers. Being a productive country, the cuisine of Bulgaria is also very interesting and keeping all; that in mind, tourists rightly opt for this country as a holiday spot.

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