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Cambodia occupies a part of the South western region of the peninsula known as Indochina Peninsula. Maintaining Buddhism as its main religion, Cambodia also allows on Christianity and Chasm Muslim to a certain extent. The country is however home to tribal folks and speaks an interesting language influenced by Sanskrit, Pali and also French to a certain extent.

Exhibiting a pleasant climatic aura across, the country enjoys a wide range of entertaining facets like movie houses, cinemas, bars, pubs and night clubs. Foodies can big time enjoy the delicious cuisine prepared and served in the restaurants and food outlets there. The traditional music and dance make the country all the more happening.

Cambodia is embellished with a number of beautiful waterfalls which enhance its natural beauty, some of the prominent ones being Champei waterfalls and waterfalls of Cham Pei. Beng Melea and Banteay are watch-worthy sites of the place.

One can have a gala time amidst a wide range of sports and activities of Cambodia. Biking and Cycling are the most important activities. One can enjoy physical and mental relief through massages and spas offered. Nature lovers can treat themselves in the wide variety of fauna and flora present here. The Art and Craft Centre is also a site worth visiting so as to explore the architectural and cultural roots of Cambodia.

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