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Canada, initially known as the land of aboriginals, occupies a part of North America. Since its existence, the country has gone through considerable changes in physical and political features and at present stands as a developed country acknowledged globally.

Experiencing a beautiful climate all around the year, Canada, maintains something called ‘multiculturalism’ which entails existence of a number of religions within itself. The visual art of the country is worth a watch as it is laden with rich pieces of ancient art and architecture.

Talking of the physical features of the country, it has to be mentioned that it boasts of the longest coastline and the largest mass of land whatsoever. Canada is famous for natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis and glaciers though, it is blessed with certain beautiful islands like Newfoundland and PEI and also the peninsula of Nova Scotia are wonderful sites worth visiting. The country in general is serene with lakes, swamps and forests which are cherished both by the Canadians as well as the visitors. Beaches and deserts enhance the picturesque beauty of the country altogether. Canada also homes a wide range of biodiversity on account of its forests.

Conclusively, Canada is one of the most happening countries of the world fetching tourists in bulk throughout the year.

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