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Grounded on South East Asia, China is a country of mountains, plateaus, plains and a lot of scenic beauty. The ‘roof of the world’ or the peak of Everest grounds itself in the archipelago here. On account of being a mountainous region, China experiences climatic extremities, winters being chilly cold and summers being just cold. An amalgamation of plains, rivers and valleys provide the region with highly picturesque spots all of which are a treat to the eyes of the visitors.

A number of beautiful lakes surround the land, the Yangtze and the Yellow River being the most important. Basins like Sichuan and Tarim add on to the ecstasy of the entire place.

China is a place amalgamated with ancient traces of human beings as well as modern innovations in the buildings and other creations here. The Great Wall of China enhances the Chinese grandeur along with which the Imperial Building, the famous sculptures of terra cotta warriors, the Lhasa and the Kunming which are the most attractive features here. Cities like Shanghai and Xian are wonders that are not worth being missed out from the list.

Apart from all that, the Chinese cuisine is something that is relished all over the world. It is one of the most delicious offerings in terms of food and dishes. China hence is rightly a place worth visit.

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