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An important part of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is a globally certified metropolis which grounds a number of high buildings and skyscrapers all over the land. Dubai has established itself as one of the important centres in terms of trade, tourism and economy. The largest harbour across the globe, made by man is the Jebel Ali Port which is grounded on the lands of Dubai. Industrially efficient as it is, Dubai gains fame on account of the Dubai Media City and the Dubai Internet City which considerably industrialises the place.

Amongst the all-time-cherished spots of Dubai, are the Burj Khalifa, the Palm Islands, the Emirates Towers and so on which exhibit unique architectural innovations throughout. In an amalgamation of several hotels and resorts, the Burj al Arab is the most astonishing luxurious hotel which lure masses to itself on account of its high quality facilities and luxuries. Dubai boasts of the world’s largest floral garden namely the Dubai Miracle Garden. The Palm Jumeirah Monorail is something that is exclusive to Dubai, thus attracting tourists from all over.

The best ones to attend in the country are the Dubai Summer Surprises and the Dubai Shopping Festival, although embellished with a number of malls and outlets all over. Dubai, with all its provisions for food, entertainment, sports and culture, is a place worth visit for all.

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