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Occupying parts of Africa and Asia, Egypt holds high prehistorical and historical significance and antiquities to itself. In spite of having vast stretches of desert, it homes unique range of biodiversity including mammals, birds, reptiles and fishes along with protozoans. Maintaining Islam as its main religion, the country is however rich in culture and heritage. It entertains music and dance in a large scale, although typical of them.

Egypt is capable of fetching bulk of tourists on account of their wonders namely, the Giza Pyramid, the temples of Luxor and many others. The Great Sphinx is the most attractive feature of the country. The mosque of Ibn Tulun is one of the most talked-off monuments there. The River Nile adds on to the ecstasy of the place which is embellished by beautiful monuments along its bank.

Camel-trips on the mountainous land here are of huge attraction for the visitors. The Red Sea Coast offers people with unique activities like diving and snorkeling which are Egyptian exclusivities. The Coptic Monasteries contribute high no getting visitors to the country from all over the globe. Egypt satisfies history lovers the best, despite the rest can have a gala time hanging out and exploring stuffs that are not available anywhere else on earth but Egypt.

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