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Occupying an area of Western Europe, France is known to be the country of beauty and glamour. It is a healthy, wealthy and a well off country, grounding a number of wonderful stuffs for the rest of the world. Along with historical wonders, it is a home to manmade specialities as well.

France has a balanced climate, and is a very pleasant place to explore the world’s beauty. It is in the true sense of the term a picturesque country, a treat to the eyes of every human being. A country of mountains, hills, oceans, gorges and plains all over, France boasts of grounding the most of the world heritage sites in its premises. Paris, the capital city of France is recorded to be the most beautiful and fashionable place of the world. France offers some really beautiful beaches along with provision of resorts to stay in. Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse are places most talked-of. Greeneries and serene landscapes add on to its tranquillity. The ‘Remarkable Gardens’, the Disneyland Paris, Eiffel Tower, Sainte Chapelle, are all sites worth a watch. Being well –connected to the transportation facet, France boasts of the world’s most cherished landscapes, coastline, beaches along with restaurants, golf courses, and other places of entertainment where one can spend a quality time out of a holiday.

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