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Occupying an area of Southeast Europe, Greece is a country of mountains, plateaus and valleys as well as plains, peninsulas and islands, as a result of which the entire area gets blessed with awesome natural beauty and serenity. The land of Odessey holds on to itself a lot of historical prominence and today it stands as one of the most beautiful places worth visit.

Along with its natural aestheticism, Greece has a lot more to offer out to the rest of the world. A spot called Mount Athos is a ground to a lot of monasteries which provide the area with a lot of religious essence. The Myrtos Beach, the Samaria Gorge, the Lindos and the Mystras are the most cherished amongst the others. One can treat an eye with the ecstasy of Santorini, Parthenon and Meteora which are splendid evidences of the richness in the culture and tradition of Greece. The Delphi Theatre is another of the wonders of this country which graces one with an indelible view of the entire landscape.

The town of Mykonos is rightly on the buzz always as because of its extreme beauty and perfection in its planning and designing. Thus, Greece is an all time preferred spot amongst the tourists and visitors who look forward to a peaceful and picture-perfect holiday.

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