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Penukonda Fort

Penukonda Fort is an old fort situated in Penukonda which is a small town in the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. This is one of the major tourist attractions of Andhra Pradesh. Penukonda is mentioned as Ghangari in the local Kannada inscriptions. The construction of the Penukonda Fort shows the grand plan and strategic view of the medieval period. Tourist visit here to see a good number of temples in the Fort. There are seven bastions along the circumference of the fort. At the Yerramanchi gate which is the main entrance of the fort you can see a colossal image of Lord Hanuman, which lengthens to the height of 11 feet.

The Penukonda Fort, constructed with stone by mixing lime and clay, served as the capital of the Vijayanagara Empire for a short period and remained inaccessible to the enemies. The first one is the GaganMahal which was enjoyed as a summer resort by the Vijayanagar Kings. Another one is the BabayyaDarga which is the representation of religious harmony between Hindus and Muslims. Do not forget to visit the \"Sher Khan Mosque\" in the fort.

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