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Gangavaram Beach

Gangavaram Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches located on the south of Visakhapatnam the great city of Andhra Pradesh.
Vishakhapatnam is known for its number of ports and this beach is located in close locale of Visakhapatnam Steel Plant.

If you want to see cool and serene scenery near a beach then Gangavaram Beach is lined with huge and shady palm trees which are
completely serve your purposes. Owed to its lovelyenvironments and vast coastline, the beach has been on the favorite list of the
film makers and the serial makers. With a picturesque coastline the steady growth of tourists is seen here. This beach with cool
breeze and tallpalm trees always provides anisolated atmosphere.

This place is an adequate area to be enjoyed with family and friends but the local administration asks the public and the tourist to
avoid swimming at this area. But you can surely take some beautiful pictures of it. Tourists can also enjoy the beautiful scenes of
Pitta Konda in the middle of the ocean and the Krishna Temple on opposite hill, as this beach is regularlycrowded by tourists.

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