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Thai Monastery

The Thai Monastery, or the Thai Wat Temple, was built in the year 1956 in Bodh Gaya.  It was built during the first celebration of Budh Jayanti with the help of the Royal Thai Embassy and was (and still is) managed by Thai monks.  It can be found beside the Great Buddha Statue and stands out from the other temples with its elaborate curved and sloping roof with golden tiles and elements and gilded arches and pillars.  Two golden clad temple guardians stand watch on either side of the entrance, intense expressions carved into their stone faces.  An equally ferocious- and bejeweled dragon-like temple guard can be seen looking down on visitors, seemingly molded from the main archway.
  Inside, the temple is equally bright and opulent, crafted in authentic Thai architectural style.  An enormous bronze statue of Buddha is housed in the inner sanctum, surrounded by a multitude of other figurines and facing an elaborate altar.  Beautiful murals adorn the walls, depicting Buddha and a dragon and, in an altogether different style, fish and dolphins among skillfully drawn waves and bubbles.  The temple is known for its calm atmosphere, and also offers meditation sessions and yoga lessons.
  The Thai Monastery can be found south of the Burmese Monastery and southwest of the Mahabodhi Temple.

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