Vanganga Lake

The Vanganga Lake Garden can be found a short distance from Silvassa, the capital of Dadra and Nagar Haveli.  Nestled amidst lush greenery and picturesque forestland, it covers an area of approximately 19 acres.  The general style of the Garden is said to have been inspired by traditional Japanese gardens.  These gardens are famous for their beauty, elegance and simplicity, all of which are also embodied by a Vanganga Lake Garden.  The skilfully landscaped garden is meticulously tended to and beautifully maintained, allowing it to accentuate the gleaming lake that accompanies it, both coming together to form an enchanting picture.
In addition to the lake, the Gardens themselves are covered with flowerbeds and dotted with quaint wooden bridges and thatched huts.  The Japanese influence can be clearly seen in these accessories, the bridges and huts reminiscent of kind found in Zen gardens.  The flowerbeds contain a host of different seasonal flowers, ensuring that the flowerbeds will bloom throughout the year.  Tracks build specially for walkers and joggers wind through the garden, providing the travellers with the best possible view of their scenic surroundings.  The lake is equally hospitable and dainty yet strong paddle boats are on offer for tourists to explore their enchanting settings.
  The Vanganga Lake Garden is five kilometres from Silvassa and can be reached from both the city and Vapi Railway Station via public transport.      

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