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Birla Mandir Temple

Birla Mandir, also known as Laxmi Narayan Temple, was commissioned by the industrialist Baldeo Das Birla and his son Jugal Kishore Birla and dedicated to the worship of Lord Narayan and his consort Devi Lakshmi. The temple’s construction was started in 1933 under the guidance of Pandit Vishwanath Shastri, with Maharaj Udaybhanu Singh laying the foundation stone. It was concluded in 1939 with a prayer ceremony performed by Swami Keshwa Nandji. Mahatma Gandhi was prevailed upon to inaugurate the temple, which he did under the condition that the Mandir would be open to people of every caste and religion and not just Hindus. A plaque can be seen over the entrance of the temple, welcoming people according to the promise made to Gandhiji.

Three stories high, the temple is built in the Nagara style of architecture. Carvings depicting scenes from Hindu mythology decorate the walls of the temple. Acharya Vishvanath Shastri, the famed sculptor worked on these carvings along with over a hundred skilled artisans from Varanasi. At its highest point- the shikhara over the sanctum Sanctorum, the temple is almost 50 meters from the ground. The landscape has been beautifully sculpted with marble statues and flowing waterfalls. Inside, the temple houses the figures of Lord Narayan and Devi Lakshmi in its main shrine. Lord Shiva, Devi Durga, Lord Ganesha and Hanuman as well as Lord Buddha also have smaller shrines dedicated to them.

Birla Mandir can be found in Mandir Marg to the west of Connaught Place. It can be easily reached by any public transport.

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