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Delhi Golf Club

The Delhi Golf Club, once known as the Lodhi Golf Course was founded in 1931 by the British. It was not much of a success until the Second World War, when it was used by the Allied forces who came to India. Things slumped again after the war and only looked up after the club was redesigned in 1951, which is when it took its present form. A massive amount of renovation was done, including installation of tube-wells, planting of greenery, laying out a new course, providing new tees, building a fence to keep out cattle and finally a new club house. It is the oldest golf course in Delhi and one of the oldest in the whole of Asia.

Covering a total area of 220 acres, which is separated into 2 courses- the Lodhi Golf Course, which contains the ruins of many monuments from the Lodhi and Tughlaq Eras, consists of 18 holes and covers 21,109 feet, and the Peacock Course, which is made up of 9 holes. It is the busiest golf course in India, with over 100,000 rounds of golf being played there every year. Highly favoured by expert players, its obstacles include narrow fairways, thorn bushes, a rough tree-line and large bunkers.

The Dehli Golf Club can be found in the Dr. Zakir Hussain Road in Nizamuddin West in south Delhi.

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