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Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat (Haat meaning a weekly market place commonly found in rural India) was set up in March 1994 as a joint venture by Delhi Tourism, N.D.M.C., D.C. (Handicrafts) and D.C. (Handlooms), the Government of India and the Ministry of Tourism. It was established with the aim of providing exposure and employment to impoverished artists while preserving India’s traditional handicrafts industry. The stalls are allotted to the salesmen from all over India on a rotational basis, usually for 15 days. An open air market, it is, unlike usual Haats, a permanent structure and is built on 6 acres of reclaimed land. A large amount of foundation work was done before anything could be built, but eventually the area was transformed into the delightful and elegant marketplace it is today.

Dilli Haat is primarily a Food and Craft Bazaar, selling a dazzling assortment of varied Indian handicrafts and cuisines. The handicrafts on sale include wood and stone carvings, metal craft, assorted fabrics, gemstones, ornaments, beads, Brassware, camel hides shoes, handbags, clay figurines and many other items representing a piece of their culture. An exhibition hall also exists specially for handicrafts displays and telecasts. The food stalls are equally varied, offering both local and exotic flavours. So one can taste momos from Sikkim, dhoklas from Gujarat, appams and curry from Tamil Nadu, kababs from Kashmir and bamboo chicken from Nagaland in the same day. Food festivals are also frequently organised at the Haat.

Dilli Haat can be found in South Delhi in Sri Aurobindo Marg.

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