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North Goa

North Goa attracts tourists from all over the world, mesmerising them with innumerable sights and attractions.


Panaji, the capital city of Goa and the Headquarters of North Goa, is all ready with immense charm and beauty. Standing on the bank of silvery Mandovi River, its ecstatic environment with red-roofed houses and well-laid gardens, statues and avenues catches an eye. Besides, well planned towns like Mapusa, Pilar, Vassco-da-gama,etc. add on to its fame.

One can spend hours in the Anjuna beach, adjacent to the Chapora Fort and enjoy the magnificence of the Albuquerque mansion which flaunts its octagonal towers and Mangalore tiled-roof.

The presence of churches, temples and mosques all over the place enlightens the religious facet of Goanese life.

You can also get a feel of the traditional Goanese culture in the“ancestral Goa”, located at Loutolim, 9kms from Margao. Goanese culture also is enlightened by the variety of folk dances prevalent there.

With a variety of wonders in one place, North Goa is something where you will find ultimate peace and charm out of it.

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