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Candolim Beach

Initiating from Fort Aguada, about a couple of miles from Panjim, the Candolim Beach being recorded to be the longest beach in North Goa, is one of the all-time attractions for the natives there as well as the outsiders.

One who seeks to break the monotony of daily chores can rightfully choose to visit this place. Characterised by silence and serenity, the place is a perfect spot to take a chill. The dunes, at the back of the beach, adds on to its uniqueness . Visitors are given access to inns instead of luxury hotels and resorts, staying in those being a different experience altogether.

Besides, the Candolim Beach is somehow considerably famous amongst the tourists on account of a ship that was and still is unable to move ahead of that spot.

As a whole, the Candolim Beach, though quiet and backward compared to the other spots in Goa, considerably makes place in the hearts of the visitors signing in throughout the year.

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