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Shimla is one of the most prominent places of Himachal Pradesh, famous for its scenic beauty and aesthetic value. Situated at a height of almost 2100 m and 2300 m, the town is quite a calm and serene place exhibiting sufficient provisions for one to live a proper life there.

It i8sma historically significant place and still today retains its importance as one of the most famous tourist spots in the whole of Himachal Pradesh. There are a lot to do in Shimla and that one will have to plan up one’s program in such a way that all of these can be included in a systematic manner. Taking walks around certain areas would be pleasant enough.

Natural wonder of this place is immense with a variety of floral and faunal exclusivity. Sites like the Bharari spur, the Glen, villages like Pabo and Kamina and trekking facilities from the track of Kamina to Tattapani are stuffs never to be missed out on. The architectural wonders exhibited out of the ancient historical structures which are scattered all over the place are brilliant and acclaim able.

Apart from sight-seeing, Shimla gives in for a number of shopping arenas which are highly visited on account of their versatile variations of products and commodities, native as well as from the other places.

Shimla overall is a place of fascination and amazement, much of what a holidayer seeks out of the break.

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