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Chail Wildlife Sanctuary

Situated a couple of miles away from the main town of Shimla, the Chail Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the quite attractive places here which amaze the visitors and tourists at a large scale. It stretches over a land from the River of Krishna to Girirganga. Enclosing about 200 villages in its area, the sanctuary is a house to a number of rare and exclusive species both from the floral as well as the faunal world. The endangered species of Khaleej is the most important here: although animals like hog, ghorals, brown bears, langurs, leopards are also available here. However, one would have to start a day really early and head towards the Kali ka Tibba and Gauda so as to witness a few of these species move around.

The visit to the Chail Wildlife Sanctuary will be a treat to the animal lovers as well as the nature-admirers.

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