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The capital city of Madhya Pradesh and the most significant of the places there is Bhopal which is laden with historical and cultural exuberance. It is a place which is famous for royal as well as traditional wonders. The natural essence of the place is no less significant. The two beautiful lakes with the seven hills serving as the backdrop make the entire region look awesome.

Apart from the natural essence of the place, Bhopal is also famous for the human innovations that have been worked out on this land. The beautiful art galleries, museums, hotels, marketplaces, restaurants and other places of public interest together work up to make Bhopal a [popular tourist attraction amongst the others.

Bhopal is well-connected with all transport terminals and travelling to the place is not much of ado whatsoever. Tourists and visitors from all over flock to explore the outstanding exclusivity of this city of Madhya Pradesh.

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