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Dhar is one of the most significant places of Madhya Pradesh that exhibits reasons more than one that would call for tourists and visitors into it. The land is laden with sites that are rare and exclusive to the e city. The ancient palaces, temples, forts and other sites of varied importance together work up to make this place a must-visit destination for the visitors.

The lakes, caves and wildlife reserves add on to the scenic beauty of the place along with the human innovations. People who plan their tour to Madhya Pradesh will not ever miss out on visiting and spending some time in the town of Dhar because of its richness in natural and cultural prosperity.

Dhar adorns the central position of Madhya Pradesh and is quite easy to reach as because it is well connected to all kinds of transport terminals. The best time to visit the place however is at the start of winters when one can take the best out of the aesthetic magnificence of Dhar.

   Places to visit in Dhar

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