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Gwalior, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh is a place which is highly significant in terms of history as well as culture. The discovery of the place dates back to the ancient days, as a result of which the roots of the city are rich and exuberant.

The city is laden with site worth a watch, including both ancient as well as the modern innovations. The traditional culture of Gwalior is immensely rich and each of the features here exhibits that richness out of them. Monuments like the Gujari Mahal, the Sas-bahu temples, Scindia Museum and others are enormous and extravagant.

Tourists and visitors come from all over the globe to cherish the cultural wonders of the place which is a treat to the history lovers who aim to explore the origin and being of Gwalior. It is a well-connected place accessible by rail, road as well as air.

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