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Aligarh is both a district and a city in the district. There are many architectural wonders in the district of Aligarh. As the name suggests, the city of Aligarh is situated in the district of Aligarh, which in turn is situated in the state of Uttar Pradesh that is situated in the country of India. There are many tourist attractions in the city that date back to the times of the Mughal raj in India. There are many things that are interesting to all the tourists. There are many government tour organizers and also the private tour organizers that are offering various types of tour packages to all the tourists that are willing to take the tour of the city. There are many such tour operators that are looking after the needs of the all the tourists. As the number of tour managers is increasing, the tours are becoming elaborate. There are both the domestic tourists and also the foreign tourists that are coming to the places to see the various tourist attraction spots.

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