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Mathura is a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh. There are various things that attract the tourists to this city but the most important thing that attracts all the Hindu pilgrims is the fact that there are stories that link Lord Krishna to the historical place of Mathura. There are many stories linking Lord Krishna to the city of Mathura. There are many temples in the city of Mathura and most of these temples are dedicated to the Lord Krishna. The sweets Of Mathura are also very famous. There are various other reasons that are making this place a hub of all the Hindu devotees. This has become a very important city given to its stories that are in connection to the god. There are many tour operators that are offering various types of tour packages to all the tourists who visit the place. This place attracts both the domestic tourists as well as the foreign tourists. The tour organizers are doing a good job in this sector.

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