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Sai Baba Mandir

The Sai baba Mandir in Noida is one of its kind as because it is one of the famous temples in the city, a sacred and religious spot where the devotees get to seek peace of mind and serenity.  Bulk of people are recorded to visit the temple everyday just to get a glance of ‘Sai baba’ who is believed to be the ultimate ‘solution giver’ to man.

The white-marbled construction of the temple adds on to the calm and peace of the place. The Sai baba temple is one of the major attractions amongst the tourists from all over the world as because the entire place holds on to the ‘Bhakti’ or devotion element which provides a human soul with a new energy to start up in the battle of life with a fresh mind and heart.

 Thus this temple ranks high when talked of faith and devotion amongst the masses.

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