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Japan, a country enclosing islands, mountains, seas and beaches is recorded as one of the most developed countries of the world in terms of technology. Surrounded by a grand chain of mountains, the entire Japanese premises is either mountainous or wood-laden. The land is spotted with a number of beautiful rivers, lakes and natural hot springs which make the land a picture-perfect scenario. Talking of the mountains here, Japan grounds quite a number of active volcanoes, amongst which Mt. Fuji is the most significant.

Along with natural wonders, Japan is adorned with manmade features worth visit. The Himeji Castle traces some of the pieces of authentic architecture followed by the Japanese culture. The Great Buddha of Kamakura, the Golden pavilion, and the Tokyo Imperial Palace are sites which leave indelible mark on the hearts of the visitors. Temples like Kiyomizu dera and the Todaiji Temple enhance the essence of religion here. The Tokyo Tower traces the grandeur of the place altogether.

A sense of haunt and regret runs down the nerve when stood in front of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial which has been thoughtfully built in order to pay sincere remembrance to the incident of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Japan is one of the most beautiful and countries in the world, paying a visit to which is never beyond worth.

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