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London, since years, boasts of being one of the most happening places of the world in almost all facets. It is perhaps the first place people think of while choosing places for a holiday abroad. The Tower of London, the Buckingham Palace or the Big Ben are places most talked of while concerning London. Westminster Abbey, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, the Hampton Court Palace are sites which people consider to be a dream to visit. Mostly acquainted with Christian folks, London is in itself is a brand which pull tourists in bulk every year. The St. Paul’s Cathedral is a monument beautiful and majestic enough to take a heart away, the golden gallery there however entails the glory of the nation through every nook and corner of it.

The British Museum is something one would never like to miss out on as it has in its store some really watch worthy stuff to be explored and cherished. Central Parks here in London are of immense pleasure to the visitors, namely the St. James Park which characterise fairy tales much of an interest for the kids and the Green Park which fascinate the boulevards.

London is a place whose wonders cannot be enumerated whatsoever, it has so many of them that one would have enough reasons for a visit there.

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