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Malaysia, a part of Asia, is characterised by only an island and a peninsula which serves to be enough in adorning the place with exquisite natural and manmade features which compel visitors to fly to the place at least for once. The land occupied predominantly by tribal people, is covered with forests to a considerable extent. These forests however support fauna and flora in their own way.

The other facet of Malaysia is however adorned with a happening arrangement for people to stay, spend time and entertain themselves to the fullest. The hill station of the Cameron Highlands has contributed highly to make Malaysia such a beautiful place to live in, along with the famous tea plantation that has its roots in these highlands. The Pulau Tioman Island is a place worth visit because of its immense scenic beauty and naturality, along with Mt.kinabalu following the list. The Langkawi archipelago is much on the buzz whereas manmade features like The Georgetown Inner City and the Petronas Twin Towers catch an eye because of their grandeur and majesty.

Malaysia is a place adorned with resorts and hotels which are at its best to satisfy the visitors coming from all over the world. Having enough transport facilities and conveniences, Malaysia can be a wise choice for hanging out whatsoever.

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