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Privacy Policy

Holidayevening is one of the most important and efficient sites amongst the others that has been serving thousands of people over years, clarifying their whims and satisfying their queries, thus helping them out in making a holiday just a perfect one to take a break for. We in Travelevening, attempt to provide the most of the information out of the least of ado. We are here to plan out a holiday for our clients while they sit back and ease. Right from the beginning till the end, that is, right from booking tickets and deciding on the means of journey till the completion of the trip successfully, we are there to look after them.

Ample amount of tourists and visitors catch up with us every day so as to plan up their holiday in a hassle-free manner. All they got to do is to drop their own details, which would include personal as well as professional, to us along with their preferences regarding the choice of the place where they are thinking of visiting on a holiday. We, in return guide them about the places completely so that they can make a proper decision so as to make a holiday up to the mark.

As because we have to deal with a lot of clients each day, we take special care in locking the details dropped in by then clients in such a manner that they are totally inaccessible by others. We maintain an extremely strict privacy policy in our portal which has been double-checked and re-examined in the toughest ways so as to ensure the clients of being totally safe with us.

We do not give in for any kind of leakage of information about our clients to a third-party as this would lead to sabotage not only to the clients but also our site which is not worth the risk.

We, at Holidayevening have been serving folks since years and we do boast of satisfying them to the utmost in a totally legal and fair manner. According to our format of functioning, we have to collect sufficient amount of data from our clients regarding their personal and professional being like name, residential address, age, sex and so on and professional details like present occupation, current annual income and others. We ensure total safety of all these records assuring that these would be accessed only by our authorities and no one else ever.

Travelevening is entrusted upon by thousands of people who sign in with us in order to plan up their tour in a hassle-free manner, and we have been serving them with all our sincerity and honesty thus building up a faith and confidence in us which we are not willing to compromise at any cost.

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