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Occupying parts of Central and South-eastern Europe, Romania is a country worth a visit on account of its exclusivity. It is a place well known for its beauty and purity. It is an amalgamation of mountains, valleys and as well as plains and deltas all into one. Romania however is also a place which holds a rich history and a rich culture attached to itself. It is a quite happening place with a wide range of provisions for entertainment as well as relaxation. Bucharest, the Romanian Capital itself is a sight never to fade away because of its well planned designing.

The Danube Delta is exclusivity to the place which fetches tourists at a large scale. Romania, with all its mountains and caves also serve a haven to a wide variety of fauna and flora which would be a beautiful treat to the nature as well as the animal lovers. Cities which date back to the medieval days are appeasing for the history lovers as they are unique in their features exhibiting historical wonders of the country.

A country over laden with beautiful castles and palaces, resorts, spa parlours, along with a wonderful combination of land and sea deservingly records considerable amount of tourists every year.

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