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An area in the North-western Europe, Russia is one of the most t=beautiful countries across the globe which fetches bulk of tourists and visitors throughout the year. It is a country which offers a wide range of exclusive sights and activities which provide the visitors with an experience, all new and ever-cherishable. A country of mountains, glaciers, rivers and lakes, Russia altogether exhibits immense scenic beauty as well as manmade innovations and advancements.

Talking of the mountains, Mount Elbrus is one of the most talked off sites here which entertain a lot of climbers on to it thus providing them with an adventurous feel. The Lake Baikal and the Valley of Geysers add on to the aestheticism of the place. Besides, manmade features like The Moscow Kremlin make it grand for both the natives as well as the outsiders. Ancient monuments like the Saint Basil’s Cathedral and the Hermitage Museum are a treat to the history lovers as they can spend some quality time exploring the roots of this glorious country. In this context, Suzdal is a city surely to be acknowledged for its historical significance and grandeur.

The Trans-Siberian Railway is one of the most attractive features of Russia as it lends a totally different experience of travelling which is not available anywhere else.

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