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Along the stretches of Indian Oceans and South Atlantic, is South Africa which if famous for its unique features and resources. The country of the dark people, however as is known amongst the rest of the world, Africa is unique in its culture and heritage. The ancient caves and their paintings trace the historical significance of the place. Mostly occupied by the tribal people, South Africa exhibits rich natural resourcefulness. On account of its dense forests, the country is a ho9me to a wide variety of fauna and flora which enhance the significance of nature here.

The city of Cape Town is one of the most visited places of South Africa as it grounds some of the most demanded places like the Table Mountains, the Winelands, the beaches and many others. Besides, Durban is another place worth exploring on account of its superb beaches and provision of entertainment. Along with Johannesburg and Drakensburg, South Africa grounds the Kruger National Park, the Kalahari and the Namaqualand, and the Garden Router which are in an all time buzz amongst the tourists along with the natives.

One can spend a gala time in the Eastern Cape which provides for a lot of amusement and fun activities for almost everybody. Thus South Africa i8s something which is worth an explore.

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