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Switzerland, the name itself reminds of optimum natural splendour and heavenly scenic beauty. Occupying parts of western and central Europe, it makes the world look beautiful in its own way. It is blessed with immense of nature and naturality. It is unnecessary to enumerate its wonders as because the entire of the country is so beautiful that one feels to have stepped into a dream like vision when looking around the environ here.

A country of mountains, hills, valleys and rivers, Switzerland is a land adorned also with several manmade beauties like the buildings and streets are equally picture-perfect. The rich culture of the country is held up in the traditional museums which are a site never to fade away, the Olympic Museum, the Museum of Fine Art, museum of Music Boxes and Automatons topping the list.

The picturesque views of Chateau de Chillon and t6he Jungfrau Region are jaw dropping as they exhibit some of the world’s best sceneries views. The Swiss National Park is a treat to the animal lovers as because it houses a wide variety of fauna along with views which take away a heart. A never to miss feature of Switzerland is the spring Carnival which gives in for immense fun and merriment.

The beautiful mountains, the falls and the entire scenario of Switzerland makes it a perfect place to visit with family or loved ones.

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