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Connaught Place

Connaught Place can be found in the heart of New Delhi and is the best known financial and commercial hub in the city. Named after the 3rd son of Queen Victoria, Prince Arthur, the Duke of Connaught, its construction began in 1929 and ended in 1933. Before that, it was a wild, tree covered area with wild pigs and jackals as its inhabitants. It’s only human visitors were partridge hunters and devotees who came to pray at the ancient Hanuman Temple. The area, along with some nearby villages, was cleared by the Public Works Department to make room for the new financial district. The architecture is of the Georgian style and modelled on the Royal Crescent Street in Bath, England. The markets and shops in the Place were structured to form rings making up an inner, middle and outer circle, with 7 roads radiating outwards.

Extremely popular among tourists and locals alike, Connaught Place hosts the headquarters of many Indian business firms. It was, and still is, the place of choice for entrepreneurs looking to introduce something new to the city. Examples include Delhi’s first luxury hotel, The Imperial, the restaurant quality, United Coffee House and Wenger’s the Swiss confectioner’s. The Regal Cinema was the first cinema to open here, and featured not only movies, but also concerts, theatres and ballet shows. These iconic locations can still be found in Connaught Place, along with a host of newer additions.

Connaught Place can be reached via public transport from anywhere in Delhi.

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