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Lahore Gate

Lahore Gate is one of the two main entrances to the Red Fort and allowed visitors to enter the Fort from the west. Facing the Pakistani city of Lahore, the Gate leads to Meena Bazaar or Chhatta Chowk. Three stories in height and made of dull red stone, the Gate is an inextricable part of the Fort’s history. Two buttresses flank either side of the Gate, an unpopular addition made by Aurangzeb, who was accused of ruining the structure’s beauty. The gate is crowned by seven small arches topped by small white domes, with two minarets on either side. Simple carvings decorate the Gate and its surrounding bastions.

The Lahore Gate is the only open entrance to the Red Fort, as the other gateways are heavily guarded against terrorist attacks. In the 1980s the tower windows were also blocked off as a measure against rifle wielding attackers who could have acted as snipers after reaching the top of the towers. The Lahore Gate is also the site where the Indian flag has been raised every year since India gained Independence. The Prime Minister also makes a speech from the ramparts of the Gate every year on Independence Day.

Lahore Gate can be found to the west of the Red Fort in Old Delhi.

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