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National Railway Museum

The National Rail Museum was established in February 1977. Spread over an area of 10 acres, it hosts a wide and fascinating collection of railway artefacts dating back to the establishment of the railway in India. The exhibits on the display include carriages, saloons, locomotives, furniture, photographs, signalling equipment and engines. Ancient trains that have been ‘retired’ have also found their place here, as displays for people to admire. The best known exhibits include the Fairy Queen; a steam locomotive built in 1855 and the world’s oldest steam engine to still be operational, the Old Patiala State Steam Monorail; an unusual steam monorail built in 1907 using the Ewing system, which consists of the train running on a single track, The Electric Locomotive Sir Leslie Wilson; one of India’s first electric locomotives which possessed the unusual feature of an articulated body, The Electric Locomotive Sir Roger Lumley; a locomotive with an unusual wheel design which pulled the Pune Deccan Queen Express and the Fire Engine; one of only two Morris Belsize fire engines in existence, it is the only one which runs on solid rubber tires. Other trains include the Matheran Rail Car No 8899, the Steam Locomotive X -373885, the Fireless Steam Locomotive, the Steam Locomotive A -885 HASANG and the MG Diesel SR 203 (Fowler Diesel). Other exhibits include the Saloon of the Prince of Wales, the Saloon of the Maharaja of Indore and the Saloon of the Maharaja of Mysore.

The National Rail Museum has a collection of over a hundred train exhibits situated both indoors and outdoors, 75 of which are still in working condition. A toy train can also be ridden around the premises and is a very popular display. The Museum can be found in New Delhi, Chanakyapuri.

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