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Rang Mahal (Colour Palace)

Rang Mahal, or the Palace of Colours is also known as the Begum Mahal and is located behind the Diwan-i-Khas as part of the Nahr-i-Behisht, the six apartments that were the private residence of the royal family.  The women’s quarters, or the zenana were the two southern-most buildings, and the Rang Mahal was the larger and more opulent of the two.  Also known as Imtiaz Mahal, the Palace of Colours was built for the Emperor’s harem, and was the closest building to the Emperor’s own private chambers, the Khas Mahal.  Once home to empresses, queens, princesses the marble floored pavilion has a facade of five, nine cusped arches.  The Nahr-i-Bisht canal flows through the Rang Mahal, creating a lotus shaped pool in the centre.  Decorated with floral patterns, the pool was inlaid with a multitude of precious stones.  Shimmering under the water, the colours of the stones were reflected off the walls and ceiling of the Mahal, giving it its name.  

The Rang Mahal can be found in the Red Fort in New Delhi.

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