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Allahabad is also called Prayag. This is the capital city of the state of Uttar Pradesh, situated in the country of India. There are many places of attraction that are located in the city of Allhabad. As the number of tourists that are flocking to the city is growing day by day, the number of tour managers is also rising at a steady pace. There are many tour operators that are offering an elaborate tour of the entire city. There are many places that hold historical importance and all the tourists are interested to go to all these places. There are a number of tour operators that are holding tours of the entire city or the entire state. The tour operators are offering various tour packages that depend on the amount of money that the tourists are willing to pay for the tour. All these tour programs are good and they should increase the number of such tours. As this is a big state, the number of places with historical importance is also many.

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